Everyone knows the adage "Every Second Counts" when we're referring to an emergency and it's true.  The difference between life and death may only be a few seconds for a victim.  This fact has not been ignored by governmental agencies and community organizations; millions of dollars have been poured into technologically advanced E-911 systems over the past 15-20 years.  However, with all of this technology, we've left out one small, basic tool. People don't mark their addresses sufficiently for emergency personnel to find them.  Our goal is to eliminate this problem.


For this reason, Pinecroft-Sedgefield Fire District Inc. would like to extend the opportunity for you to cut minutes off our response time by offering highly reflective address signs. Installation of these signs at your driveway entrance will provide added assurance that the correct address can be located faster if ever firefighters or emergency medical services personnel need to locate your home. 



“Help Us Help You”


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